Parks Department

Mowing in One Area of the 170.9 Acres of Parks Owned by the City of Colby

The Parks Department provides all maintenance and mowing of City parks and facilities; City parks encompass more than 170.9 acres. Civic club groups and/or individuals have adopted various parks/projects and contribute greatly to the activities in the community. In addition to 147.9 acres of City-maintained parks, the City owns 23 acres just north of the City limits and west of Kansas Highway #25 which is called Ferguson Park.

Ferguson Park is 23.0 acres. It is located on the West side of Highway 25 (Range Avenue) at the North edge of Colby. It was maintained for many years by Jack Kriss and was know as the Ferguson Nature Study, where Mr. Kriss had created a haven for creatures and grass.

Villa High Park is truly the "Oasis on the Plains". This park, consisting of 20 acres, was created in the late 1960`s with the aid of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. Playground equipment, picnic shelters, disc golf and fishing can be accessed on the east side of south Highway #25 (Range Avenue).

Villa High Lake on South Side of Villa High Park

Buffalo Park There are 20 acres of land located between Pine and Cedar Streets on both the east and west sides of Franklin Avenue which makes up Buffalo Park. This area is an important drainageway through Colby when the community receives substantial rain; however, improvements include a playground and gazebo for use by citizens and visitors.

Young Memorial Park is 38 acres in the northeast part of Colby and is used primarily for baseball, softball, and soccer. This park is maintained by the City and the Recreation Department for the enjoyment of local citizens and as a host site for tournaments.

Fike Park is 9.9 acres and is located just north of City Hall at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Eighth Street. The park used to be called Carp Lake. An 1890 newspaper reported that the favorite occupation of the young people during the pleasant spring evenings was boating on the lake. It was formed by the railroad grade and would only fill up during times of heavy rainfall. Improvements to convert the area into a park started in 1907 when J.N. Fike was mayor. Fike Park is the most popular park in Colby for picnics, community events, weddings/receptions, and for general relaxation and enjoyment; two gazebos, a volleyball area, horseshoe pitching pits, and tennis courts are available here. Over $100,000 was raised by civic groups and parents in 1998-99 with assistance from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the City of Colby for new playground equipment. The local volunteers erected all equipment and City crews beautified the surrounding area. In 2000, the tennis courts in this area were replaced and are used by Colby Community College and Unified School District #315. Although many events are held in Fike Park, no reservations can be made for the area. Everyone is welcome to hold their events in the park on a "first come, first serve" basis. Questions on facilities available at the park may be addressed to the Public Works Foreman at 785-460-4420

Entrance to Fike Park

Fike Park Playground Area

There are another 60 acres of neighborhood parks in the City limits of Colby. These parks are called, Westside Park, Brookside Park, 3-Corner Park, Copeland Park, J.P. Phillips Park and Colby Aquatic Park/Poolside Park.