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Founded in 1885, the City of Colby began promoting the welfare and safety of citizens early on. One of the earliest city ordinances was based upon fire prevention and that position has been improved upon many times since. In 1920, the first set of plumbing codes and standards was adopted by ordinance. Later, in 1956, the National Building Code was adopted for new construction and remodeling, along with revised building permit requirements. Since that time, the City of Colby has adopted and amended modern Building Codes as deemed necessary.

The City of Colby is an active member of various building, code and inspection trade associations. The City of Colby is a Class A, voting member of the International Conference of Building Officials , a member of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials , International Association of Electrical Inspectors, and the Western Kansas and Heart of America chapters of International Conference of Building Officials.

For answers to specific zoning, building or code questions or for additional information, please contact our Building Official at 1125 S Country Club Drive, phone (785) 460-4454 or fax (785) 460-4455. The Building Official is responsible for enforcement of building and related codes. Other responsibilities of the Building Official's office include enforcement of Municipal Codes, Zoning and Planning information and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.


From and after January 1, 2008, all building contractors performing work in the City of Colby must be licensed with the City of Colby in the office of the Building Official. The following items are required for licensure:

  1. Payment of annual license fee of $30.00. License fees shall not be prorated because part of a year has elapsed.
  2. Each contractor must procure and maintain in full force, for the duration of the license, public liability insurance including bodily injury and property damage insurance coverage, with limits of not less than one million dollars (1,000,000) per occurrence. Such insurance shall be written with an insurance company licensed to do business in Kansas.
  3. Each Contractor shall procure and maintain in full force, for the duration of the license, Worker's Compensation Insurance as required by the State of Kansas.
  4. Certificates of insurance for all required insurance shall be on file with the city clerk at all times, with a clause to the effect that the policy shall not at anytime during the license period be canceled or reduced, restricted or limited, unless the city clerk is given ten (10) days written notice.
  5. All contractor licenses shall expire December 31 of the year of issuance, renewable by January 10 of the subsequent year.


(Electricians, plumbers, mechanical, gas fitters, and lawn sprinkler tradesmen)

From and after January 1, 2009, all tradespersons performing work in the City of Colby must be licensed with the City of Colby in the office of the Building Official. All requirements for licensure include the above listed items for building contractors with the following exceptions:

  1. Master license fee is thirty ($30.00) dollars annually. Journeyman license fee is twenty ($20.00) dollars annually. Apprentice license fee is ten ($10.00) dollars annually.
  2. Submit a certificate of competency indication that the person has received a minimum score of 75 percent on the Thomson Prometric Exam for master or journeyman tradesman.
  3. Obtain not less than 12 hours biennially of continuing education as approved by the City of Colby building official.

Any person licensed by another city or county in Kansas upon the basis of successful passage of an examination designated by Kansas Statutes Annotated 12-1503, et seq., and amendments thereto, shall be exempt from the examination requirement.

The City of Colby is a sponsoring entity with Thomson Prometric and Internation Code Council Pearson Vue for contractors needing to take an exam for licensure with the City of Colby.

Contractor Tradesman License Form (PDF)

Office Hours - Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., closed noon hours.