Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention/Education

In order to reduce the number of fires and hazardous conditions, Fire Prevention is a major concern and activity for the Colby Fire Department. The Department conducts fire safety inspections for approximately 400 businesses/public buildings each year. These inspections allow us to identify potential fire or life safety hazards that could result in loss of revenue or life for that business and its patrons.

Smoke Detector Program

Since 1989 the City of Colby has had in effect an ordinance requiring all homes and motel/hotel rooms to have a working smoke detector. The Colby Fire Department will install and inspect smoke detectors on request of a homeowner. There is no cost for the inspection and if a smoke detector is needed we can supply one at cost. Any time a home is sold a smoke detector inspection certificate from the Fire Department is required at closing. 

“Change Your Clock, Change your Battery”

Change Your Clock, Change Your BatteryOn the first Saturday of November, the Colby Fire Department conducts a citywide program called SMOKE DETECTOR SATURDAY. Upon request fire department members will come to your home and install smoke detectors, change batteries or assist with development of fire escape plans. This program is especially helpful to the elderly or those who wish for assistance. Smoke detectors and batteries are supplied at a minimal cost, if you wish to participate in this program please contact the fire department.


Kids Learning from a Fire Fighter

Safety Trailer

The Colby Fire Department has been conducting education programs in the school system for many years. We have been targeting the preschool to 3rd grade students with our fire safety message. This year in cooperation with the Kansas State Fire Marshals Office, we are beginning to use the National Fire Protection Associations’ Learn Not To Burn® curriculum. The Colby Public School System and the Colby Fire Department are using this program together to educate children about fire safety through out the school year.