Utility Billing

Utility Billing

The City of Colby Utility Billing Office (Customer Service) can be contacted at 585 North Franklin, (785) 460-4400 during regular business hours (8 to 5, Monday through Friday, except holidays). There are a variety of services offered at the Utility Billing Office, including:

  • Collection of utility bills
  • Sale of dog tags
  • Utility service connects and disconnects
  • Sale of garbage bags
  • Cereal Malt Beverage & Liquor Licenses
  • Purchase of 95 gallon tipper cans for household waste and grass clippings


Type of RateCustomer ChargeAverage Energy Charge - All Kilowatt Hours (KWH)Minimum Per Month
Residential$10.00 per meter$0.0884 per KWH$10.00
Commercial$19.00 per meter$0.0834 per KWH$15.00
Industrial$34.00 per meter$0.0667 per KWH$30.00

Demand Charge

$7.25 per kilowatt of billing demand