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Board Minutes
Airport Board
Airport Meeting Room

September 11, 2017

The Airport Board of the City of Colby, Kansas, met in regular session on Monday, September 11, 2017, at 8:30 A.M. in the Airport Meeting Room. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mark Kendrick.


PRESENT: Chairman Mark Kendrick, Vice-Chairman Paul Steele; Members Bill Dowell, Kevan Trenkle, Bill Rohr, Ken Bixenman.

ABSENT:  None.

ALSO PRESENT:  Tyson McGreer, City Manager; Mark Ostmeyer, Airport Manager; Joni Ketchum, City Clerk.


MOTION BY Ken Bixenman, seconded by Paul Steele to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2017 regular meeting as presented. VOTING AYES: Paul Steele, Mark Kendrick, Bill Dowell, Kevan Trenkle, Bill Rohr, Ken Bixenman. NOES: None. ABSENT: None. Chairman Kendrick declared the motion carried.


DISCUSSION – LEASE OF AIRPORT OFFICE SPACE- Tyson said he talked to Bill Davis of Turning Point Counseling regarding the lease for the airport office space that still needs signed. Mr. Davis was originally fine with the rental amount of $500 per month, but now he thinks it is too much and is offering to pay $400 per month. Ken stated that $500 is what the board agreed on before they rented the space out to anyone so they should not back down on the rate. Mark added that Mr. Davis only sees clients two days a week, but the space cannot be leased out to anyone else for the remainder of the week. The board agreed to keep the lease amount at $500 a month for the office space. 


DISCUSSION – ACIP DATA SHEETS 2018 – 2022- Mark Ostmeyer directed the board’s attention to the ACIP Data Sheets for 2018 – 2022 that were included in the packet. He stated that they are moving forward with the design phase of the runway project with the taxiway being the first priority. Mark told the board that the asphalt overlay is not set in stone if they would rather go with concrete. Tyson mentioned that he would like to have Garver come out to go over the plan again

REVIEW SPECIFICATION AND CONTRACT DOCUMENT FOR FULL DEPTH PCC PANEL REPAIR- Mark mentioned that this document is for the repair of the taxiway panels and it will go out for bids this month.

DISCUSS OPTIONS FOR KDOT 2019 GRANT APPLICATIONS DUE SEPTEMBER 30TH- Mark asked the board to help come up with ideas for the KDOT 2019 Grant Applications. He suggested the taxiway, the apron, the road coming from the highway to the airport, and the parking lot. Tyson told him that City staff could do the road and the parking lot. Mark said he would have Garver identify areas of need for the grant.

APPROVAL OF JULY/AUGUST 2017 ACTIVITIES REPORTS- Mark had nothing to discuss on these reports.

REPORT OF AIRPORT MANAGER- Mark had nothing more to report.


There was discussion regarding LifeTeam and fueling needs. Mark said they use a trailer at their other home bases and suggests that they do here also. He said there are times when they fuel while they are running which is not always the safest. Ken agreed with him though there was some opposition from other board members. Mark told the board that it would also be less paperwork for him.


MOTION BY Paul Steele, seconded by Bill Rohr to adjourn the meeting at 9:04 A.M. VOTING AYES: Paul Steele, Mark Kendrick, Bill Dowell, Kevan Trenkle, Bill Rohr, Ken Bixenman. NOES: None. ABSENT: None. Chairman Kendrick declared the motion carried.

Joni L. Ketchum, City Clerk

585 N Franklin Ave • Colby, KS 67701
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